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Sandra Dawson is a leading nutrition & whole living expert teaching women around the world how to become the healthiest, most successful people they know.

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We understand that better health is central to human happiness and well-being. We believe that good health is a key to success and so we provide tips on how to stay healthy and fit so that you can do more and be more in your life.

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Big RC helicopters

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The idea of throwing out food is just so sad so don’t throw it out just yet! There are actually a lot of yummy ways on how you can still be able to consume those overripe fruits. Smoothie Even if the the fruit is bruised you can still use it for smoothie. Just blend it […]

The Perfect Diet for Effective Weight Loss

There are a lot of ways on how to lose weight fast, unfortunately most of them will really make you unsatisfied because it makes you hungry. If you don’t have the will to push through the plan it will most likely make you give up.When going on a diet it does not mean that you […]

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