The Flash Season 3 Episode 7: Alchemy Revealed

Fans going into the flash season 3 episode 7 would certainly be dying in suspense due to the fact that episode 6 ended with Savitar about to stab the Flash. As it turned out, the new speedster has decided to race Barry all throughout the city. Then, he ended up battering him to show to him how he is the superior between them.


Caitlin and Cisco rush to rescue their friend. By this point, Savitar decided to flee. Back in the lab, Caitlin with Killer Frost’s aspect taking over her interrogates one of the followers of Alchemy. She does this quite violently too. Afterward, she decides to abduct Julian and orders him to find acolytes so she can find Alchemy and for him to take her powers away.


Cisco and Barry were able to track her down and get her imprisoned. The team, however, was fractured when she reveals that Barry played a role in the death of Dante due to the creation of the Flashpoint.


With Joe being overly concerned about what might happen to his son decided to break the coon encompassing Wally while disregarding what the consequences might be. Wally manages to break out of the cocoon, this time possessing unmanageable speed. He then races away, confused.


Barry struggles to restore Caitlin’s sanity and even offers his life in return which resulted in her helping him treating Wally. Along with Joe, Barry located Wally and gets his condition stabilized with the help of Caitlin’s serum.


Julian agrees to offer protection for Caitlin against the police but demands Barry to resign from the CCPD since he thinks he is unfit for the job to actually want Caitlin to be protected. It was later revealed though in the end of the flash season 3 episode 7 that he is Alchemy and that  he has been working for Savitar although unwillingly.